Why would I call my blog the Urlaubsfee?

Ever since I was very young, my family has taken an annual vacation together. When I say “family,” I really mean the whole family. Not just my parents and younger brother, but my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, great-aunts, great-uncles, second cousins, second cousin’s kids, etc. Not to mention boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancees, friends, and all the other human beings that come along with a “family.”

One of my earliest memories comes from one of these vacations. There were always a lot of kids in the family when I was younger. I’ve got six other female cousins in my age range, and there’s a few boys sprinkled in there as well. The adults in our family were always desperate to entertain us, distract us, preoccupy us, and force us to be “good.”

My favorite tactic was the idea of the “Vacation Fairy.” The story said, if we were good all week of vacation long, a magical lady named the Vacation Fairy would visit us in our sleep on the last night of vacation and leave gifts under our pillows. A kind of knock-off tooth fairy, really, but pretty creative, if you ask me.

I was probably age three, on a vacation in Put-In-Bay, Ohio, and woke on the last day of vacation to find a candy lipstick waiting under my pillow.

A re-telling of this story during my last study abroad experience in Salzburg, Austria resulted in the coining of the German word “Urlaubsfee,” or “Vacation Fairy.”

So thanks, Urlaubsfee, for following me around Europe and makin’ the magic happen.

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