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España, muy bien, gatos y pantalones, por favor

In case you were curious as to what my post’s title is all about (no, I’m not crazy, yes, I’m very bad at Spanish)… I’m going to Spain! You might have guessed. But I’m going, like, really really soon.



Woaaaaah, you might say. When the hell did that happen? Well, my friends, it happened like, five days ago. I said to my pal Layla, “Hey, Layla– Barcelona?”

And then Layla was like, “You know what? Yeah, yeah I think so.”

And that’s the story of how Layla and I ended up traveling to Spain.

But really though, it’s not much more in-depth than that. I’ve been really hoping to go to Spain ever since last year, when it seemed like everyone I knew in Germany had either 1) already been or 2) somehow already finalized plans for a trip without me. I KNOW, RIGHT? I got over it, but I thought my hopes and dreams of attaining Spain were far off, drifting even farther, away from me… Until one night, when I got so preoccupied by the idea that I posted on Facebook and Layla was all “SPAIN INDEED.”

And, to be as prepared as I possibly can me, I’ve just suddenly had a brilliant idea of how to spend the next hour or so of my life. It makes complete sense, in order to become aware of the ins and outs of Barcelona, that I proceed to watch the Cheetah Girls movie, the one where they hit up Spain and sing and dance all around the city (thank you very much NETTTTFLIXXXX, holla).



And seriously, I am gonna mean it.

I am so excited though. 5 days in Barcelona, what a beautiful way to spend my break from school. Oh joy! And then, if you wanna really get into the details, I’m pretty pretty pretty positive I’ll be in Berlin almost immediately after that reuniting with some cool kids and cool cats, like Bernie and Luke and Professor Nik and Babz and all those Salzburg kiddos I met down in Österreich a few weeks ago.


I’ve got some cool Barcelona recommendations from cool people like my brother, Colin, my home girls Ashley and Maria, my singing-as-talking partner, Paul… all is well, all is lookin’ good.

So, until next time, friends, when I tell you ALL ABOUT my magical time at the beach, eating tapas, drinking copious amounts of sangria, and basically just being a badass who can up and decide to head over to Barcelona a week ahead of time.




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My Leben in Leipzig, Part 1

Greetings, meine Lieben!

I write to you today from LEIPZIG, my brand new German home. Surprise, surprise, we’re all surprised, but we all think it’s possibly the coolest thing to ever happen, so hurrah for me.

My update is a bit delayed, I got here on Monday, but until today, the wifi at my apartment has been out, on the fritz, what have you. Then, magically, just a few hours ago, I discovered it was BACK, which is great news because my new lovely wonderful roommates are unfortunately out of town for the weekend…

Hello, Netflix!

BAE <3


It’s cool, though. This will, to be fair, give me a bit of time to explore this fantastic city and get lost get to know the place all on my very own! I sure hope so, at least.

Yesterday was an interesting day. First of all, I’m at two schools this year. A Grundschule (1-4th grades) and an Oberschule (5-12th grades) that caters to sports. Interesting placement for me, you might be thinking, if you know me, or have ever heard anything about me, but I’m up for it! Maybe it’ll inspire me to buy those workout clothes, after all.

But yeah, anyway. Yesterday, I went to the Grundschule for the first time. Unfortunately, I’ve been suffering from jet lag a bit more than I usually do and, deswegen, I was late getting up. I didn’t have time to shower before running out the door with a nectarine in purse and no real idea of where I was going, aside from the name of the tram stop near the school. But hey I made it.

My Betreuungslehrerin at the Grundschule is, let’s say, delightful. The school is adorable, the Schulleiterin was super friendly, too, and everybody there was just like… nice. Like super nice. It was a really happy day.

Maybe I'll get to have my own crayons. You know, standard ETA supplies.

Maybe I’ll get to have my own crayons. You know, standard ETA supplies.

BUT THEN, the chaos came. My dear pal, Bernie, who spent last semester in Leipzig himself, took it upon his wonderful being to organize a bike for me before he left. I arranged to pick up said bike from his old apartment on Thursday, and, lucky me, I’d even been there before when I visited him in March. So, smart Chelsea, I figured I knew where I was going. And I did!

For a while.

After successfully picking the bike up, I began the process of getting the bike home. Now, Bernie’s old apartment was located, I believe, in the part of the city known as Lindenau. My apartment, however, is not located there. It is, actually, located at least 25 minutes away from Lindenau when you’re riding the convenient (and yet sometimes terrifying) Straßenbahns.

Seeing as how I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going, I decided to walk the bike home rather than ride it. This idea, I thought, was logical, and might only take about an hour at most. I wasn’t too worried about it, since I hadn’t showered that morning anyway, and, what’s an hour’s walk, really?

GUESS WHAT. I was mistaken about everything.

May as well just have gone down this street.

May as well just have gone down this street.

I got lost A LOT. I used up all the data on my phone because of our lack-of-internet at home, so Google Maps was super slow and little help. At one point, I walked past this park and continued my journey for 25 minutes or so only to SUDDENLY REALIZE that I was walking past the exact same park on the exact same side of the street somehow. So that was super fun. And then I almost got hit by a Straßenbahn. It was ringing its little bells at me all angry and everything, and I still managed to almost let it kill me. Whaddayaknow, eh?

Finally, though, FINALLY, looking a hot mess and having to walk directly through the center of the city, I found my way back to my happy, not sweaty apartment. Two hours after beginning my trek. And mind you, it was very hot outside. The weather here’s been pretty mild this week, but it was really warm that afternoon, I swear.

Anyway, that’s been the only rough patch in my life thus far. So, I’d say I’m doing a-okay.

Then today! I went to the Sportoberschule. It was also great! I met the Schulleiterin there, got a little tour from my other Betreuungslehrerin (who is also amazing, and bought me a flower on Wednesday–so sweet!), and met some of the other teachers.

So, yeah. My outlook is positive.

And my Friday-night plans are firmly in place!

And my Friday-night plans are firmly in place!

I can tell this will be a lovely experience, a lovely year, in a lovely city, with lovely roommates in a lovely apartment.

And on this LOVELY note, I leave you, dears. I’ve got a super hot Netflix date and some 2-Euro Austrian wine calling out my name…


[Side note: I just went and checked my website statistics, and it appears that my blog has been found twice thanks to searching “lederhosen for little boys.” So. Progress?]

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Just another Deutschtag

Having returned from my venture out to Rossmann (a sort-of drug store), I am now enjoying a glass of white wine that I purchased there while watching Arrested Development. Because hey– Netflix works. Oh yeah.

Aren’t I supposed to be living in Germany?

Just for clarification, I definitely do, and as proof I offer to you (the Internet) this picture I just took while walking through downtown.

Only in September in Deutschland. Because these are logical people.

Only in September in Deutschland. Because these are logical people.

I can’t answer any more questions, because I just don’t know.

Two days have passed now since I have “officially” been working at the school. Though I should mention, I’m using the term loosely, as I’ve yet to do very much. There are SO many English teachers at my Gymnasium! And I have no idea who they are, and I think a lot of them aren’t sure what exactly to do with me. Next Monday is a meeting of the English faculty, which is good, cause I think my role might be cleared up a bit, and hopefully I’ll be able to get together a good schedule for watching and observing the different classes.

Yesterday, though eventful, wasn’t the first-day-of-school I’d been expecting, really. I did mostly logistical things– got introduced to the faculty by the principal, got my keys to the building (so much power), drank coffee, left early… Mind you, to get a bike (!!!) and eat lunch at one of my Betreuungslehrerinnen’s houses.

I do only the most important things at work.

I do only the most important things at work.

Today, I at least made it to one class! It was a wonderful one, too, a seventh grade class. And I really enjoyed watching the teacher. Coming at English from the perspective of it being a foreign language is a completely different way of looking at something I’ve been familiar with my whole life (obviously). And really, it’s pretty cool.

I also have at least two other classes I’m visiting tomorrow, so that’s good. Hopefully once I’m at school again I’ll have the opportunity to ask a few other teachers if I can hop on in with them.

Well, at least the text is appropriate.

Well, at least the text is appropriate.

Speaking of German-problems, today has not really been my most on-pointe DeutschTag. I’m just not spittin’ those words as well as I do some other days, which is actually quite frustrating, but whatever. I’m blaming it on my over-consumption of Arrested Development since yesterday.

Najaaaa, anyway. I also did a great job of making non-German speaking friends the other day. Which, I guess, is not that big of an accomplishment since English is like my big ol’ fluffy baby blanket, basically, but I’m still super jazzed.

And tomorrow night I’ve got dinner plans with the other American ETA, Alice! I feel like such a go-getter. AND, as the week goes on, get this: I have even more things penciled in on my social calendar. Chelsea, you butterfly, you!

Flying into social situations with a frequency you wouldn't believe.

Flying into social situations with a frequency you wouldn’t believe.

And, one bit of fabulous news before we exit this elevator: I got accepted by the Uni Bremen to do a Gaststudium! Which means! I get a SemesterTicket! Hooraaaaay!

All in all, things could be worse. Now if you’ll excuse me, Mr. White Wine and I have a bit of a date to get on with. Tschüss!

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