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This Post is Basically Just About Food

So I concede, it’s been quite a while since I’ve last detailed the intricacies of my absolutely fascinating life on the internet for all (Mom) to see. Please excuse me, but like, really guys. I’ve been a little busy, you know, doing totally cool stuff and being a badass.

Just to clarify.

Well, a lot has happened since, what, November? Things like Christmas and my 24th birthday and the apocalypse I joined a gym. These are just a few examples.

All of December here was truly amazing, as you might expect. If you remember correctly, December is the time of CHRISTMAS here in the Vaterland. Weihnachten, that is. And Christmas markets. I cannot tell you how much I love the Weihnachtsmärkte. It’s probably my favorite thing about being in this country– for a month in what might otherwise be a dreary time, weather-wise, you can almost certainly be brought into a sort of fairy-tale like world of delicious food stuffs, lights, singing, overpriced handicrafts and, oh you thought I’d forgotten, Glühwein.


Ahh, Glühwein. That most sultry and cinnamony of winter-time beverages.

I do declare that from here on out, never a Christmas season shall pass that I do not sip on this most delectable of treats. As per the usual, I made sure to bring some along to my Christmas festivities at home, because yes, once again, I was most warmly welcomed back into Ohio for two beautiful weeks of family and friends and far too much alcohol.

It was great being home, as one might think. I have a tendency to forget that being around people you’ve known for years and years is pretty cool, and I like that my time spent away (so much time) has allowed me that perspective. Here’s to keeping that idea fresh and fancy forever (we’d hope).

Returning to Leipzig was bittersweet, of course. I’d come to really be used to a steadily stocked fridge and the cozy comfortableness of having absolutely nothing to do all day. Yet I was happy to get back here, see my beautiful roommates, hand out the few little things I’d brought back from my time in the crazy place that is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (exotisch), and begin preparations for what would be the day that marked my 24th year of life.

For my birthday, I decided we’d cook fajitas.

Fajitas? You might ask. But Chelsea, really, fajitas? Didn’t you just return from America, the magical land that allowed you to eat Mexican food for six straight days in a row while you were home?

Yes, I’d answer. Yes, I did, but get ahold of yourselves. There is no such thing as too much Mexican food.

So! The effort began to bring the delight of fajitas to Germany. It’s not exactly an easy task, since what Germans lack in the Mexican food department they make up in, basically, just sausages. We toiled and shopped and spent a while at the grocery store, but eventually emerged with appropriate supplies. I made guacamole, we had some sort of strange taco-seasoning to add to the mix (in the hopes that it’d impart some of that flavor food around here sometimes seems to be missing), and a whole lot of peppers. Cause fajitas means peppers.

This is not a picture of the fajitas we made.

This is not a picture of the fajitas we made.

And lo– we did it! Fajitas were created. I managed to even find some black beans, cause I love black beans, though they were drenched in some strange chili sauce so I washed them off and they were actually pretty good. Gotta buy me some more of those, mental note. I was pleased, not only by the fajitas, but by the three different kinds of sangria I also purchased as a taste-test to go along with the meal (Spanish/Mexican/whatever, it worked).

Muy bien!

The week after my birthday, dear Eva, my roommate, celebrated hers. We threw a big ol’ party on that Thursday that we got sponsored (??? still confused) and therefore had like 6 cases of free beers and a bunch of free Bacardi to offer our guests. Pretty fly. Good times had by all, and the following day, I departed for a grand adventure to my most favorite of European locations…

If you've ever met me, you  know how stupid happy this sight would make me.

If you’ve ever met me, you know how stupid happy this sight would make me.

Salzburg! My homie Bernie just got there a few weeks ago for his last semester of college, so I traveled on down, aboard a bus, mind you, and spent the weekend in my European hometown. I love getting to continue visiting that place. I made so many of my best friends there.

To top it all off, we got to spend the day in Maria Alm, a little village surrounded by Alps (that were obscured entirely by some kinda wonderful snowstorm) just a few hours away from Salzburg, with my former German professors and their crazy cute adorable bilingual children. And we went to lunch with them at this wonderful little restaurant place named after a Farmer’s Cabinet (no time to explain, the dog’s on fire!) and I ate some Käsespätzle and my life was complete.

You guys, I almost couldn’t leave.

But then I did, because Leipzig, and I reminded myself that I love it here too, in different ways and for different reasons. I got back here at like 5 AM on last Tuesday morning and I was so happy to see that Hauptbahnhof, you guys– this place is fabulous.

Also, while in Salzburg, Bernie and I made the important discovery that my target audience for everything I write/do/say lately is really American people (or people who have a vast familiarity with Americanness) who speak/study German. So, if nothing I write/do/say comes off as funny to you, that’s not my fault. It’s all on you, for refusing to partake in the joy that is the German language.

See like it's your own fault if you don't get that.

See like it’s your own fault if you don’t get that. YOUR SCHULD. Sorry.

Since then, life’s been sailing along pretty smoothly still. Friday night I went with Kim and Vanessa to a party thrown by the university’s sport-department. The theme was Fasching, aka Karneval, aka German Halloween, and I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood (or Rotkäppchen, if you wanna be authentic) in a cape I sewed myself, out of a 2 Euro red fleece blanket (bargain, eh Madre?), along with a little wicker basket I used to hold my purse.

That was, shall I say, preeeetty fun. Just affirming my belief that Leipzig belongs on the list right next to Salzburg of Chelsea’s Favorite Places on this Earth.

I also finished my graduate school applications! 9 schools, all submitted, almost late just in the nick of time. Just all send out positive thoughts that I don’t suck so much that I can’t even get into one of them. Oh god oh god, why did I even just put that out there.

Oh, and yeah, I joined a gym. Crazy stuff, but shut up. I’ve got a wedding to be in this summer, and I better be lookin’ damn good. No more Schnitzel hips for me, kids.

Dude I've been fighting you for like four years. GET OUT.

Dude I’ve been fighting you for like four years. GET OUT.

We’ll see. Cause really, sometimes that stuff is kind of delicious.


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All the World’s a Fish Mouth

Guten Tag, meine Damen und Herren! März is upon us, and I have successfully made it back in one piece from my Skiurlaub! I thoroughly enjoyed my one-week in Tulfes, Austria with the lovely 8th grade from my Gymnasium and 7 other teachers. We skied, we ate, we played dice games, I lost, we moved on. It really was quite magical, and the fact that Tulfes is a little town situated on a mountain in the Alps, well, that only helped.

View from my window. Not bragging or anything.

View from my window. Not bragging or anything.

So, after arriving home yesterday morning, I proceeded to not actually relax and unwind from six successive days of skiing, but to have a full-on day, packed to the brim with activities and friends and celebration.

It all began with Alice coming over to my humble abode, looking at picture of mountains with me, and deciding we would head out to Bad Zwischenahn with her roommate, Anka, and her brother, who was borrowing the family convertible so we could prove to the German people of the world just how cool we really are. We had a lovely time exploring, there’s a nice lake over there with sailboats and everything, and I also sat in a giant fish mouth.

So, yeah.

Later! I went to a basketball game with my Betreuungslehrerin, Kristin, and some of her friends. The team in Oldenburg is called the EWE Baskets (it appears that every second basketball team in Germany is called the “Baskets” – original, I know) and they were playing the team from Berlin. They won, of course, what else could they do with a gal like me in attendance? And fun was had by all.

Check it.

Check it.

I really am having a hard time believing it’s March. What kind of world do we live in where I only have like four more months left living in Germany? A sick world, that’s what. I’m working on applying for a second year now, so let’s all just keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

I was pretty productive yesterday, too, and got a lot of housekeeping-type-shit done. Bought my plane ticket to Dublin, finally, and paid my Uni Bremen Sommersemester fees, also finally, so I can get the second installment of my SemesterTicket for April-July. I also watched the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars a not-trashy-at-all television program, so, yeah, I’d say it was a pretty good day.

Some things I’ve noticed are that the weather is exponentially better than it was two weeks ago, I don’t have a lot of money to spare, and I need to travel more.

So, on the list of places to visit for the next few months…

  • Berlin, for certain, Fulbright conference in a few weeks!
  • Dublin, happening for sure, April
  • London, with the parents, possibly, in April
  • Paris, for sure, with Ashley, in May (just gotta figure out how to get there…)
  • Hannover, day trip with Alice, sometime hopefully
  • Leipzig, to visit my FAVORITE Bernie, who just got to Germany a few days ago!!
  • Groningen, in the Netherlands, which is just a short distance from here, so maybe a day trip in the future
  • Amsterdam, possibly, cause that’d also be awesome
  • Osnabrück, because it’s there, and I haven’t been yet, and why the hell not?
  • Copenhagen, Denmark, because I WANT TO, DAMN IT

Basically I’m gonna make every effort to enjoy this lovely place, this lovely weather, and the meager earnings of a Fremdsprachenassistentin. PLEASE FRIENDS, JOIN ME ON THIS QUEST. Who wants to accompany me on any of these journeys? 🙂 Legitimate question. Answer me.

Please be my friend.

Please, answer me.

Ahh, it’s good to be back in Oldenburg. I’ve come to really love this place, and this apartment, and these people, and this life here.

In just a few short months, I’ll be forced by security into an airplane in Berlin and told to head back to the USA (I’m hoping to avoid that, but I might get a little clingy).I’ve got precious little time left! It hurts to think about! Let’s not squander it away, okay? As far as morals of the story go–


Get into a fish every now and then, yeah?

But you will have to get inside the fish.

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There’s no “Y” in Februar

In the final moments of Februar (no typo, just German), I make a valiant effort to complete an update for this month. It’s hard to fathom that the last time you heard from me, it was my birthday. I’m not being sappy when I say it SERIOUSLY feels like that was a week ago, when in reality, tomorrow, it is March. I cannot believe how fast 2014 is going, and I’d like it to stop. I don’t want my time in Deutschland to dwindle away any quicker than it has to, but it really feels like the days are just slipping through my fingers.

As my Euros go right along with it...

As my Euros go right along with them…

The end of January and the whole of February have been pretty good, as far as winter months go. When I last saw you, it was my birthday, and that was awesome, because birthday.

I visited Ashley in Rostock once again, and once again had a great time. It’s always fun being up in that most Eastern and Northern of places, checking out the beach and staying out into the wee hours like it’s not totally freezing outside. February itself has also been nice, though I can’t remember many highlights, oddly. I’m sure it’s been great. Ruth had her 21st birthday this past Monday, with which came all the necessary celebrations. I lost my bank card over that weekend– as a testament to how willing I am to party-hardy in the name of someone I care about. That mini-crisis has been dealt with, and only a minimum of panic was endured.

Daintily freaking out.

Daintily freaking out.

Now, in about an hour, I’m heading out on a week-long Klassenfahrt with the 8th graders from my school. We’re heading to Austria for skiing, something I haven’t done in about 8 years but I’m definitely looking forward to. I’m a little bit nervous, but hey. I’ve seen you before, Alps. I stood on top of you once. I HAVE ALREADY CONQUERED YOU. YOU WILL NOT BEAT ME.

Wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking.

So, farewell to Februar, and farewell to winter. March will be nice, I do hope. Berlin Conference is in sight, as well as Osterferien and a trip to Ireland with my whole family. May brings a newly-planned Paris trip with Ashley, and who knows what else!

I just really don’t want to sit on a bus for 10 hours tonight with 80 or so German 13-year-olds. That part I could do without.

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