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Kleinigkeiten and such things

After what seemed like a million months of Bürokratie and appointments at the Ausländeramt, I finally have my Aufenthaltstitel!

Such unwarranted enthusiasm!

Such unwarranted enthusiasm!

Basically, it is a little plastic credit-card looking thing that says I’m allowed to stay in Germany until my position at my Gymnasium is up. Which is a shame because, let’s be real, I like this place. I’d like to stick around.

THIS is roughly what it looks like, though my name is not Shkurte Salihu…

When did I get blonde hair?

When did I get blonde hair?

I’m quite pleased that THAT is taken care of, as now I can leave the country again (would have been nice a few weeks ago, when Ashley and I wanted to go to Copenhagen… I GUESS THAT’S WHAT NEXT YEAR IS FOR). It’ll be good to not be detained as an illegal immigrant when I try to go home for Christmas.

In other news, there is no other news. Looks like I’m hitting up the Weihnachtsmarkt again tonight, and possibly seeing my new roommate’s show with his band at Polyester. I really like Polyester. I hope it stays open.

Tomorrow I may head to Cloppenburg to check out the Nikolausmarkt with Ursele & co., which would be great!

ALSO, first snow of the year in Germany! It didn’t stick and didn’t last long, but I did learn a new word in the process: Hagel! It’s hail! Because when it “snows” in Oldenburg, it’s not even real snow.

Yay, winter!

Yay, winter!

On the agenda for the next two weeks or so:

1) Cookie baking with the Lehrerinnen

This Thursday! Woo!

2) Weihnachtsmarkt with the Mitbewohner

Roommate fun times hooray!

3) Hamburg with Ashley

Still bankin’ on that happening!

And so on! And so forth! Because life in Germany is FUN and not always about paperwork and filling out insignificant documents and such. Though that must also be scheduled for sometime in the next 14 days… le sigh.



But hey, the Alltag is pretty good, too.


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