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November means Thanksgivingmas & Weihnachtsmärkte

WELL, hasn’t November just FLOWN by? Time really FLIES when you’re here in Deutschland. Especially when your social life really TAKES OFF, you know?

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's-- yeah, no, it's a plane.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s– yeah, no, it’s a plane.

I have made all these lame flight references to one end– I am officially going home for Christmas. How exciting! December 23rd to January 2nd, so I’ll be spending my 23rd birthday in Germanland but ringing in the new year Ohioside.

Hands down, the most exciting thing going on in my life right now is the ever-fabulous, month-long, magic-happening that is the WEIHNACHTSMARKT. For those of you that are unaware, the Weihnachtsmarkt is a great idea that Germans had to celebrate Christmas all damn month. And not even all December, but in November, too! The Christmas market in Oldenburg opened this Tuesday, and I’ve already collected enough Glühwein mugs to supply a small village with spiced wine goodness.



This zauberhaftes Fest features drinking, eating, and shopping– which basically is just a list of my three favorite things that this world has to offer. I’m pretty sure almost every German city/town has one, and it’s freakishly adorable to see. All these cute little traditional-looking stands are set up, winding through the streets of the Innenstadt, just peddling their wares as if we are in a medieval village that prospers through the sale of miniature Santa hats. It’s great. It’s amazing. It’s the best thing I’ve ever experienced. I plan on going every day.

But, let us backtrack a little, for the sake of continuity, and recount what else has happened in this month we call November. Hmm…

1) I went to Kiel and visited Harrison

Pretty cool time, didn’t see too much of Kiel the city, but left on Sunday morning with a feeling of exhaustion and just enough nausea to know that I’d had a pretty good time.

2) Finally met some of the other ETAs that live in Oldenburg

Shout-out to Ruth, my home girl, and Craig, who I already knew but who deserves a shout-out of his own.

3) Ashley came to visit (finally) and it was great

We ate great food (as per the usual), did some shopping (also typisch), went to a bar with beds inside, stayed out until 7 AM at some party that is apparently pretty well-known around here… so, you know, we’re pretty cool.

4) Finally got to help my Betreuungslehrerin with her “English group” of adorable 4 year old German girls

Super cute, super fun, I love children, the end.

5) Began my very on Projekt with the 7th graders that I love, in which they will all be writing their own fairytale and at the end, we will have a book 

SO excited, they are adorable, I can’t wait to read these stories.


In the same vein, for those that haven’t seen these on my Facebook already, I feel obligated to share a few quotes from some “If-Sentence Stories” written by some 8th graders at my school. Who doesn’t love a country where kids say the darndest things?

“If the older people had been more interested in kids, they would have got more sexual intercourse. If they have got more sexual intercourse, the population in America might have grown a lot.” 

– Jannik

“If Jimmy hadn’t gone to partys, he wouldn’t have gone home with a women. If Jimmy hadn’t gone home with a women, he wouldn’t have poison from the women. If Jimmy hadn’t poison from the women, he wouldn’t have died with only 27.”

– Klaus

“If she hadn’t lived next to Jack anymore, she wouldn’t have become pregnant of him. If she hadn’t been pregnant of him, she wouldn’t have a nice child. If she hadn’t have a nice child, she wouldn’t have braught him to kindergarten every day and met the kindergarten teacher, Paul. If she hadn’t met kindergarten teacher Paul, she wouldn’t have had a child from him now.”

– Florian

“If he wouldn’t been very happy about her excuse, he haven’t have kiss her a lot. If he haven’t kissed her a lot, she haven’t have get pregnant. If Caroline haven’t got pregnant, she haven’t have must abortion cause she didn’t love her boyfriend anymore.”

– Friederike

Right. Moving forward!

Now we are heading feet first into December, which promises to be great in and of itself. I do love this month, as Christmas is the BEST, I’ll be seeing my family and friends in a few weeks, which is pretty cool, Weihnachtsmarkt is open DAILY, school is going AWESOME, I’ve got more friends than I did just a few weeks ago, love my apartment, my roommates are great (thank god, there’s been a few horror stories floating around from other ETAs)… not to mention, after December comes January, which means my birthday, my brother Colin’s arrival in Europe, and my subsequent visit to Dublin… basically, everything is TIP TOP, guys. MINT, if we’re being British, apparently.

British slang = ???

British slang = ???

Oh, and also, Happy belated Thanksgiving from Germany, where Thanksgiving doesn’t exist and I just celebrated early Christmas instead, because that’s better, anyway. Though it was nice to Skype with the whole family, and I’m looking forward to seeing those fine people in real life in just a few weeks (man, have I been here that long already!?).



Drink Glühwein, be thankful.


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